Lemon Balm – Aromatic Herb For Flavoring

Lemon balm or beeweed (English Lemon balm, French Mélisse / Citronelle, Italian Melissa) is available in different varieties with notched-sawn leaves. Lemon balm with large leaves can also be planted in the garden as a hardy perennial that can reach a height of 1 m. The delicate small inflorescences are pink or whitish-blue. It is considered one of the best bee pastures.


Lemon balm was originally native to the eastern Mediterranean region, but today it is widespread in the warm regions of Europe due to cultivation (since the 16th century) and naturalization.


Lemon balm flowers between June and August should be harvested before flowering. As a pot herb, lemon balm is available all year round.


The leaves taste fresh and lemony.


Lemon balm is used to flavor poultry dishes, salads, fish dishes, and jams. The pretty leaves are also very suitable for fruit salads and as a decoration for cakes and desserts. They are also in good hands with all dishes prepared with lemon juice and also serve as a basic ingredient in our lemon balm syrup. You can find inspiration for delicious dishes with the herb in our lemon balm recipes.


Fresh lemon balm leaves stay fresh for a few days in the refrigerator, well packaged. They are not good for drying.

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