Licking the Yogurt Lid: is it Dangerous or Not?

Lick the lid of the yogurt: Not recommended

Although it is not necessarily advisable to lick the lid of the yogurt for various reasons, this habit is not really harmful to your health.

  • In addition to plastic, yogurt lids also contain aluminum, which in excessive doses is harmful to the human organism, more precisely to the nervous system, internal organs, and bones. In addition, aluminum accumulates on the skeleton and only breaks down again very slowly.
  • According to the ├ľkotest, however, the permitted and used amounts of aluminum in the yogurt lid are so small that they are considered harmless. In addition, the lids are covered with a plastic layer so that the food inside does not come into contact with the aluminum. All other aluminum cans and packaging that come into contact with food also have this coating.
  • Even if this plastic layer is damaged by buckling or scratching with a spoon, a health hazard can be ruled out. There are exceptions if the packaging clearly indicates that aluminum may become detached.
  • Requirements and maximum permitted amounts are regulated in the Food and Consumer Goods Act (LMBG).
  • However, when licking the yogurt lid, you should be careful not to injure your tongue on the sharp edges.
    Even if you don’t eat the yogurt all at once, it’s best not to lick the lid to prevent mold from forming if you’re going to store the food for a few days. The same applies to using spoons: always use a clean spoon to scoop yogurt out of the packaging in portions.
  • Note: The use of aluminum can very well lead to negative health consequences. Aluminum is released from aluminum foil or packaging primarily when you wrap or store salty and acidic foods in it.

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