Liver Dumplings and Meatballs in Broth

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Total Time 1 hr 5 mins
Course Dinner
Cuisine European
Servings 4 people


For the liver I need

  • 250 g Pork liver crazy
  • 1 whole Egg free range
  • 1 middle Onion blue fresh
  • 1 toe Garlic fresh
  • 2 Tablespoon Dried marjoram
  • 1 Teaspoon. Salt + some pepper
  • 1 good tablespoon Goose fat
  • Breadcrumbs as needed


  • 100 g Mixed hack
  • 1 half Onion blue fresh
  • 1 toe Garlic fresh
  • 1 whole Fresh egg
  • Salt pepper . marjoram

The broth

  • 1 good liter Homemade broth
  • Fresh parsley smooth


The broth

  • I woke up some meat broth, which comes in handy now. Pour into a tall saucepan and heat slowly. I added a carrot and a piece of celery.

The liver

  • Put the liver in a bowl (twisted) and add a whole egg, the good marjoram (rubbed in the palm of your hand to create the whole scent), salt, pepper and breadcrumbs. Didn't have a roll, so breadcrumbs (but carefully dose they still swell. If you don't have that, I've tried it, potato flakes puree also bind the whole thing.) Finely dice the onion with the garlic and parsley in the goose lard, sauté something Let cool and add to the liver. (Hold back for hack balls)
  • Now mix the whole thing, leave something that the crumbs can swell. The mince balls are mixed in the same way with the ingredients and then the broth can slowly simmer. Cut off the nocks with a soup spoon (dip the spoon into cold water again and again so the liver loosens easily) I twist off the mince balls with my hands and so everything comes into the broth.
  • The whole thing should just simmer for a good 20 minutes. The broth is rich, with it you can serve a hearty farmer's bread or, if you like, a baguette, sprinkle with fresh parsley, done. For those days when the weather doesn't know what it wants.
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