Lose Weight With The Smoothie Diet

It couldn’t be faster or tastier: The smoothie diet promises a weight loss of up to three kilograms in just four days.

They are little fountains of youth in a glass – with a license to make you happy: Smoothies, the delicious mixed drinks made from fruit and vegetables.

What are smoothies?

The term smoothie comes from English and means creamy, fine, and even. The concentrated vitamin shots taste refreshing and make you feel full.

How does the smoothie diet work?

Simply replace your breakfast and lunch with a power smoothie for four days. In the evening, you can eat as you please.

Are smoothies healthy?

The healthy fats and proteins make the smoothie the perfect meal replacement – and they’re bursting with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. In contrast to fruit juices, fruit and vegetables are not pressed, but pureed as whole fruit. The fiber slows digestion. The result: you stay full longer, your metabolism is stimulated and fat is broken down.

Preparation: This is how smoothies taste best

The preparation is super easy and quick: everyone can mix their favorite smoothie in a blender (from around 30 euros, e.g. via amazon) themselves.

The vitamin shots taste even better ice-cold. Since such a freshly mixed smoothie should be drunk immediately after preparation, it makes sense to use ingredients that are already frozen. A few ice cubes or a handful of frozen berries chill the smoothie and make it a wonderfully refreshing summer drink. The result: a particularly creamy and cool smoothie that satisfies the craving for sweets and is a perfect alternative to sweets and fast-food snacks.

There are hardly any limits to the imagination when it comes to mixing the ingredients: Anything that tastes good is allowed! You decide what goes into the mixer! Whether it’s a fruity raspberry basil smoothie, a creamy grapefruit ginger smoothie, or an invigorating cucumber kiwi smoothie – just give it a try. Have lots of fun with it!

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