What Does The Protein Diet Bring?

Protein bread, muesli, shakes, and bars. Recently, a real protein trend broke out. All we have to do is eat a lot of protein for the pounds to drop and the muscles to grow on their own. But is that true? Regina Halmich, the former boxing world champion and nutrition expert, explains what is really behind it.

The protein diet: do I lose weight faster with high protein?

“You lose weight when the calorie balance is negative, meaning when we burn more calories than we take in. Drinking a protein shake is not enough. However, the blood sugar level fluctuates less after a protein-rich meal than after a carbohydrate-rich one – we don’t get hungry again as quickly. Plus, digesting protein burns more calories.”

What should I watch out for on a protein diet?

“If you eat a lot of protein, you have to do weight training. If you eat more protein than your body needs, your body turns it into fat. When we exercise, the protein-building blocks are converted into muscles. Muscle burns more calories doing nothing, so we lose weight faster.”

Protein-rich foods: Protein instead of carbohydrates

“Protein bread, muesli, and the like don’t make a big difference in terms of the percentage of protein. We can cover the protein requirement with natural foods: low-fat animal protein suppliers are poultry, low-fat quark, and eggs. Vegetable sources are legumes, soy products, and quinoa. The perfect plate looks like this: 50 percent vegetables/salad, 25 percent low-fat protein, and 25 percent whole grains, combined with healthy oils.”

Protein diet: These recipes are full of protein powder

Fancy a little protein diet: Here is a selection of simple and delicious recipes for morning, noon, and evening. If you need more suggestions for a small protein diet, you can also try the quark diet.

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