Magic Olivier: Recipe and 1 Secret Ingredient You Definitely Didn’t Know About

Classic Olivier in our country has long been a good, tasty, and nourishing symbol of every New Year. And if you add to the composition of Olivier only one – an inexpensive and very affordable – ingredient, the taste of the salad will simply astound the guests, and you will ensure the fame of a culinary wonder!

What should be added to the salad Olivier to get the most delicious winter Olivier to the delight of all guests, and what you can not do if you do not want to spoil the recipe – read it.

Olivier – how to cook it well: the most common and embarrassing mistakes

  1. Use only mayonnaise for dressing the salad: so the salad will turn out too fatty. It is better to dilute the mayonnaise in half with sour cream, and those who watch the figure – and even replace the mayonnaise with Greek yogurt.
  2. Olivier with meat or chicken will be much more nourishing and exquisite in taste – than Olivier with sausage.
  3. Olivier must be dressed immediately before serving. Housewives even pickles (which can also give extra juice) are advised to add before serving. This is not only a matter of taste but also of safety: salads with mayonnaise can not be stored for a long time (even in the refrigerator). Therefore, the later the dressing is added – the longer the shelf life of such a salad.
  4. Do not add too many peas to Olivier (follow the recipe): it spoils the taste of the salad, making it “plain” and “uncomplicated. And do not use frozen peas – in the most delicious Olivier put its canned beans.
  5. Regarding potatoes in the Olivier, the same rule applies as for green peas: add exactly according to the recipe.
  6. Do not skimp on eggs. Such “hoarding” came to us from the Soviet times when the products in the country were tense. But it is the eggs that are responsible for the tenderness of the salad: if you want to cook a real Olivier, then you will not do without less than three eggs.

Olivier – a recipe with a secret ingredient

“Magic” ingredient for Olivier will cost you only 13-15 hryvnia. This is a common processed cheese – you can buy it in any store – but it is he who will add tenderness and piquancy to the holiday dish. As a result, your original Olivier will open up with completely new, gourmet shades of flavor.

You will need:

  • chicken thighs – a couple of small ones;
  • pickles – 3 pcs;
  • medium potatoes – 4 pcs;
  • carrots – 2 pcs.
  • Chicken eggs – 3 pcs;
  • green peas – 100 grams;
  • Onions – one onion;
  • melted cheese – 1 standard;
  • For the dressing – to taste: mayonnaise, sour cream, or mix them in equal proportions.

How to cook:

  1. Boil chicken meat in water with bay leaf and black pepper peas – let cool – cut into cubes.
  2. Boil until tender potatoes with carrots in “jacket” – allow to cool – only then peel – dice too.
  3. Boil the eggs (not less than 8-10 minutes) – cut them into beautiful cubes.
  4. Combine all ingredients in a bowl for the salad – rub there on a grater of melted cheese – add green peas.
  5. Finely chop the onion and cucumbers separately. Combine and let stand for 15 minutes: so the cucumbers let out the excess juice (so that the salad is not too “wet” in the end), and the onion will go bitter.
  6. Mix all the salad ingredients – add salt and pepper to taste – mix well. Add the dressing and mix again. You can also decorate with greens (for example, lay out a herringbone of parsley).
  7. That’s it! You can transfer it to a festive salad bowl and serve it.
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Written by Emma Miller

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