Make Coffee Americano Yourself – That’s How it Works

Coffee is the most popular drink among Germans. Each of us drinks two cups a day on average. A popular variant is the Americano. The basis for this hot drink is espresso, which is poured over with water.

This is how you succeed in making delicious Americano coffee

The Americano may have originated when American soldiers came to Italy. The usual espresso there was too strong for them, so they diluted it with water. Americano has a similar strength to regular coffee but a different taste. To prepare it, you need espresso beans or powder and hot water.

  • A real espresso is created with the right powder under the pressure of a portafilter. Therefore, if you have one, use a machine with a portafilter.
  • For an Americano you need the amount of 1 to 4 espressos. A standard espresso is about 20-25 milliliters. You can decide for yourself how much to take – depending on the desired strength of the drink.
  • Pour the freshly prepared coffee into hot, not boiling water. The water should at least double the amount of espresso. Here, too, you can vary according to taste and try out which ratio you like best.
  • The more carefully you pour the water onto the espresso, the better the crema is preserved.

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