Make Ketchup Yourself: Recipes With And Without Sugar

Anyone who wants to make ketchup themselves will be amazed at how easy and quick it is. There are recipes with and without sugar. As an alternative to fresh vegetables, you can even use canned tomatoes for the preparation.

Making ketchup yourself has many advantages – regardless of whether recipes are used with or without sugar. Because even the sweet version is significantly healthier than most ready-made products from the store – ketchup consists on average of 25 to 30 percent carbohydrates, the majority of which is provided by sugar. Although there are now products on the market with less sugar, the figure is still around 15 percent.

The advantage of homemade ketchup is the variable dosage. The amount of sugar can also be reduced in recipes with sugar. If you have children who have only known sweet ready-made products up to now, you can modify the recipe each time so that a little less sugar is added to get the offspring used to the natural taste of the tomatoes.

Make ketchup yourself – a simple recipe with sugar

If you want to make ketchup yourself, you need good tomatoes as a basis. They should be ripe and have an intense taste, such as sweet vine tomatoes. In principle, it is also possible to replace the tomatoes in the recipe with canned tomatoes. These should drain well beforehand so that the homemade ketchup does not become too runny.

Make ketchup yourself – a recipe without sugar

Making ketchup yourself also means saving large amounts of sugar. However, it doesn’t taste as delicious without any sweetness, which is why recipes for homemade ketchup without sugar usually use substitutes such as honey or agave syrup. Another alternative is to cook 100 grams of ripe dates with the above quantity. This is how you can easily convert recipes with sugar into recipes without sugar when making ketchup yourself.

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