Neurologists Strongly Recommend That Those Who Have Had the Coronavirus Give up Coffee

Neurologists strongly recommend that those who have had the coronavirus give up coffee Stimulants reduce the level of the substance responsible for energy metabolism in the body and have a detrimental effect on the heart.

Neurologist Igor Matsokin advises people who have contracted the Omicron coronavirus strain to give up coffee and replace it with tea. According to the doctor, it is important to minimize the number of stimulants consumed during post-COVID, including caffeine.

“This substance depletes the body’s stores of adenosine triphosphoric acid (ATP). At the same time, ATP plays an important role in the metabolism of energy and substances, and after suffering from COVID-19, it is already very low,” the doctor says.

Matsokin also assures that caffeine leads to dehydration. And this provokes an increase in blood clotting and a decrease in various trace elements.

As a result, the heart and cardiovascular system malfunction. Therefore, the doctor advises replacing coffee with weak white or green tea.

As a reminder, scientists have found a new symptom of coronavirus in vaccinated people. It is sneezing, a symptom that was not recorded before the start of the vaccination campaign. This leads to the conclusion that this symptom is typical for vaccinated people.

The scientists also explained which two symptoms indicate infection with Omicron. There are two symptoms that can be easily confused with the common cold: fatigue and headache. If you suspect that you may have the coronavirus and you have these symptoms, it is best to get tested for Omicron.

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Written by Emma Miller

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