New Year’s Eve Buffet: Ideas For Delicacies Without Stress

Simple ideas for the New Year’s Eve buffet

A buffet for the New Year’s Eve celebration is practical because you can prepare a lot of things for it the day before. This saves you the stress of preparing meals on New Year’s Eve. The buffet can be prepared with simple bites but is appealing and varied.

  • Stews or soups can be easily prepared the day before and quickly warmed up just before the guests are received. Due to the early preparation, the dish can also draw sufficiently and develop its full taste. A stew is special because it is rarely offered at parties.
  • You can also marinate small chicken thighs and wings the night before with good olive oil, herbs, and spices and let them sit overnight. Put them in the oven for half an hour to three-quarters of an hour before the guests arrive.
  • There are also warm dishes, which are also a real treat when cold. Meatballs can also be prepared the day before and then served cold at the party. To save onion chopping, you can also mix the ground beef with whipped cream and onion soup from the bag, then shape it into patties. The breaded meatballs also do not burn.
  • A pork loin is also quickly prepared. Salt and pepper, sear on all sides with onions and garlic, wrap them in aluminum foil with fresh thyme, and put them in the oven at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes. Then slice the cooled meat and garnish with cream cheese and grapes.
  • A salad should not be missing as a side dish at the New Year’s Eve buffet. You can also prepare pasta and potato salad the day before.

Cold dishes for the New Year’s Eve buffet

In addition to the more time-consuming dishes that you can prepare the day before New Year’s Eve, there are also a few cold treats that can be prepared quickly on the holiday itself.

  • A cheese platter with different types of cheese should definitely not be missed on New Year’s Eve. You can simply arrange the cheese attractively with grapes and tangerines on a platter. There is rarely anything left over from cheese skewers either.
  • Smoked salmon and trout are also popular bites alongside a cheeseboard.
  • Also, think of enough baguette bread for dipping and toppings as well as herb butter for spreading. Tip: If you don’t get any more baguettes, you can simply cut the rolls into slices.
  • Asparagus rolls are also a popular buffet dish. Wrapped in cooked ham and spread with mayonnaise or remoulade, they are quickly prepared.
  • A tomato and mozzarella platter is also quick to make. A little salt, pepper, good olive oil, and fresh basil leaves are enough for seasoning.
  • Muffins, cakes, or creamy desserts in glasses are suitable as a dessert. If you don’t have the time, you can of course buy donuts, donuts, or a New Year’s wreath.
  • Also, don’t forget nibbles like chips and pretzel sticks, as well as olives and pickles for garnish. So none of your guests should miss out on culinary delights at your party.

Avoid stress when preparing for New Year’s Eve

Good planning is important so that you don’t get stressed and under time pressure with the preparations on New Year’s Eve.

  • Take care of everything that does not have to be freshly prepared the day before.
  • You can also arrange the decoration and the table before New Year’s Eve. It is best to prepare cold dishes an hour before the party starts and cover everything well until the guests arrive.
  • Also, feel free to ask a few guests to bring something for the buffet. This makes your preparations easier.
  • If your kitchen has enough space, set up the buffet there. Also, make sure you have an empty dishwasher and a large rubbish bin. In this way, you can create orders again during and after the party.
  • If something is left over from the buffet, distribute it among the guests when they say goodbye so that nothing has to be thrown away.
  • With good planning, you have enough time for your styling and you can enjoy the party to the fullest.

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