Preparing Fries: Instructions With and Without Deep Fryer

Preparing fries: Do-it-yourself instructions

Basically, thin fries are healthier to prepare. The thicker the fries, the longer they need to get nice and crispy on the outside. However, this increases the amount of acrylamide, a substance that has long been suspected of being carcinogenic.

  • Hard-boiling potatoes are best for making fries.
  • After you have peeled the potatoes, cut the tubers into strips about one centimeter thick.
  • First, put the raw fries in salted water and let them boil there for about five minutes.
  • The fries are then placed on a lightly oiled baking sheet. Distribute the fries evenly on the tray and optionally add cumin, salt, or pepper over them.

Fries – this is how you succeed

In addition to the oven, there are of course other options for preparing crispy fries:

  • Fryers: The classic production method is with a deep fryer. However, this is also relatively high in calories, since the fries cook in a lot of fat.
  • Hot air fryer: A good alternative to conventional deep fryers is the hot air fryer. You save yourself the annoying oil change and lots of calories. In this test, you will read which is the best hot air fryer.
  • Frying pan: If you don’t have an oven or fryer, but you have an insatiable craving for fries, you can try your luck with a frying pan. Slice the raw fries as thinly as possible. Put some oil in the pan and after heating the oil, add the fries. Be careful not to put too many fries in the pan or you won’t get them crispy.
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