Nutrients Banana: This is in The Fruit

nutrients in bananas

All information that we give below about the nutrients in bananas always refers to 100 grams of the edible banana portion.

  • Bananas contain around 90 kcal, making them a low-calorie snack between meals.
  • A banana has almost no fat. At just 0.3 grams, this nutrient is clearly not the main component of the fruit.
  • The situation is different with the carbohydrates: A whole 21 grams land on 100 grams of banana.
  • The protein content in bananas is 1.2 grams.
  • The banana is mostly water. The fruit contains a total of 75 grams.

Bananas: That’s what else is in the fruit

Nutrients aren’t the only thing you get from a banana. The fruit also contains a lot of micronutrients that are important for a wide variety of bodily functions.

  • Potassium is one of the largest components in bananas. The mineral is necessary so that the nerve cells can transmit electrical impulses. Also, it helps in normalizing blood pressure.
  • The magnesium in bananas is also important for our body: with magnesium, your muscles relax, which is very important, especially after exercise.
  • Phosphorus and calcium, both of which are also found in bananas, are responsible for the strength of teeth and bones.
  • Bananas also contain a small amount of iron. Although the iron value in bananas isn’t all that great, your body can utilize the mineral almost completely. This is due to the ripening process of the banana, which makes the trace element more accessible to the body.
  • While your body doesn’t need a lot of manganese, it’s essential for activating enzymes and creating dopamine. A banana contains 250 μg of this element, while the body needs about 4 mg per day.
  • The zinc contained in the banana is important for your wound healing and also strengthens your immune system.
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