Nutritionist Talks About the Benefits of Fermented Vegetables: How Much Can You Eat Per Day

Fermented vegetables and fruits effectively protect against colds and strengthen the immune system. They should be eaten in the fall and winter.

Pickled vegetables are an indispensable product in the fall and winter. They help protect against colds and support the immune system. Nutritionist Svitlana Fus spoke about the benefits of fermented vegetables and fruits.

According to her, fermentation is a natural source of probiotics. That’s why fermented foods are called probiotic foods, which effectively protect against colds and strengthen the immune system, the expert wrote on Instagram.

In addition, according to the nutritionist, pickled vegetables are one of the best natural enterosorbents, meaning they can help the body get rid of toxins. At the same time, a sufficient amount of dietary fiber in vegetables gives them satiety.

Lactic acid, which is formed during fermentation, lowers the pH level, which improves the process of food digestion and increases the absorption of nutrients by the body.

Fus explained that fermented foods should not be confused with pickled foods, which are cooked with vinegar and pasteurized, and therefore less healthy.

When and how much you can eat pickled vegetables

“But you have to remember that pickled foods contain a lot of salt, so I don’t recommend eating them in large quantities. They should be a part (about a third) of the daily amount of vegetables. This is about half a glass (60-120 grams) of pickled vegetables once a day. Eat them in the morning and for lunch. In cold weather, add fermented foods to your diet regularly,” the nutritionist advised.

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Written by Emma Miller

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