Pistachio Oil: Healthy And A Real Insider Tip

Pistachio oil contains many very healthy ingredients. The oil can be beneficial both in the kitchen and in cosmetics. What makes the oil so special and how exactly it is used?

Pistachio oil is very healthy and not only brings a culinary variety with it. It is also suitable for various cosmetic applications. You just have to know exactly how to use it.

Production of pistachio oil

Pistachio oil is extracted from the roasted or unroasted fruit of the pistachio tree. In the first step, the pistachios, which are hard cores in a soft outer shell, are harvested. By the way, this happens at night. The leaves of the tree contain essential oils that unfold in daylight and can cause headaches and dizziness.

Then the kernels can be processed in different ways, resulting in different types of oil. Accordingly, there is pistachio oil, which is made from shelled, cleaned, and ground kernels and is characterized by its intense green color.

Iran is traditionally by far the largest producer of pistachios and also by far the world’s largest exporter. America comes second. The pistachio has not been cultivated there for very long, but the acreage and yields are constantly increasing.

Which ingredients make pistachio oil healthy

The oil can also convince with its ingredients. Because it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which are essential for a healthy diet. Minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium are also included.

The ingredients in the oil also include important vitamins – especially vitamin A, which is important for bones, teeth, eyes, and skin. The high proportion of biotin could also give hair and nails power, while phytosterols, which are considered ideal care substances for dry skin, improve the complexion

Application of pistachio oil in the kitchen

Pistachio oil impresses with its sweet and mildly nutty taste. The oil is particularly suitable for salads and dressings. however, not every vinegar has a special taste. Therefore, you should first try different combinations before consuming, for example, balsamic vinegar or raspberry vinegar.

Due to its nutty and sweet note, pistachio oil is also suitable for desserts or to flavor vegetables, creamy soups, cream cheese, or fish. A few drops are enough to create a special taste, also because of the high-calorie content (900 kilocalories/100 grams).

Pistachio oil in cosmetics

The cosmetics industry has also discovered pistachio oil for itself. It protects and cares for particularly dry, scaly, and sensitive skin. Hair growth can also benefit from the properties of pistachio oil.

In skin and hair care, pistachio oil is available as pure oil, but it is also used as an additive in various care products such as lotions.

Pistachio oil: You should pay attention to this when buying

A considerable amount of the stone fruit has to be processed to obtain pistachio oil. Therefore, the oil, which is mostly available in organic and health food stores as well as online, is not necessarily cheap. Before buying, you should pay attention to factors such as origin, production, and ingredients or other additives. The more natural the oil is, the more you can benefit from its qualities.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s advisable to buy a smaller bottle due to its relatively short shelf life. The pistachio oil should then be protected from direct sunlight and ideally stored in a cool and dark place. It can be stored in the refrigerator for around six to eight weeks.

A smell test is also a good idea at this point. Pistachio oil should have a mild and pleasantly nutty aroma. The following applies: the stronger the smell and the darker the color, the higher the proportion of valuable ingredients. When fresh, pistachio oil is particularly healthy.

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