Polishing Glasses: The Best Tips and Tricks

Polishing glasses: It’s that easy

Wine connoisseurs, in particular, have this problem: some glasses do not belong in the dishwasher and therefore have to be cleaned by hand. Even with expensive glasses, many people prefer to wash them by hand. Thorough polishing after washing is important for residue-free glasses.

  • To keep your glasses looking fresh for a long time, rinse them under running water as soon as possible after use
  • To wash the glasses, use a mixture of lukewarm water and a few drops of washing-up liquid – then rinse with cold, clear water.
  • Before polishing, make sure the glasses are dry by rubbing them thoroughly with a linen or cotton cloth.
  • Use the tea towel to dry the upper part first and then the lower part.
  • Now polish the glass thoroughly with a polishing cloth or leather cloth – proceed slowly and do not apply too much pressure, otherwise, the delicate glasses will break.

You should keep this in mind when polishing glasses

If you do not polish the glasses after rinsing, the delicate material will quickly become dull and dull. The vessels remain wonderfully shiny if you dry them conscientiously immediately after cleaning.

  • Before first use, the cotton or linen towels should be washed twice in the boil wash. Do without fabric softener and do not put the towels in the dryer – this closes the delicate pores.
  • When washing up, you must never work on the sensitive material of the glasses with high pressure. Experts also strongly advise against using the cup brush as a helper for scouring.
  • When rinsing, make sure to wash out the detergent completely – otherwise streaks will result.
  • Tip: Many connoisseurs swear by leather cloths used in car care when polishing.

How to get stubborn stains under control

Sometimes the discoloration and clouding of the glass are so stubborn that you cannot remove it with the polishing cloth. You approach this problem in a different way:

  • Soak the jar in a lemon or vinegar bath for about thirty minutes.
  • Then rinse it off thoroughly with water.
  • Polish the glass with a polishing cloth.
  • In the case of slight discoloration, it is often sufficient to treat the glasses at the appropriate point with a cloth dipped in essence.

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