Pressure Cooker: 8 Reasons Why

Cooking with the pressure cooker is a quick, healthy, and economical way to prepare a variety of foods – including legumes, brown rice, potatoes, but also soups, and meat. We give you 8 advantages of the fast pots.

Pressure cookers help save time

Anyone who doesn’t like ready-made products and likes to prepare their own meals from fresh food knows that this can often take a lot of time. With the pressure cooker, healthy dishes can be conjured up in a short time. Wholemeal rice, for example, can be cooked in the pressure cooker in 15 minutes, beans in 12 minutes, and lentils in just 7 minutes.

Pressure cookers help save money

You may have occasionally bought canned or jarred legumes, such as B. ready-cooked lentils, beans, peas, or chickpeas. You can save that in the future. Get hold of the far more affordable dried legumes and cook them up in your new pressure cooker in no time. Not only are you saving by buying the cheaper dried legumes, but you’re also saving by the shorter cooking times, which will ultimately result in lower gas and electricity bills.

Pressure cookers cook delicious

Since very little steam escapes in the pressure cooker during the cooking process, the maximum flavor is preserved. Pressure cooker meat is nice and tender, and dried beans are tastier than canned beans, which often have an odd aftertaste.

Pressure cookers cook healthy

The pressure cooker retains more nutrients than normal food preparation due to the closed cooking system and shorter cooking times. Since you also automatically process fresh food rich in vital substances if you have a pressure cooker and no longer heavily processed and possibly preserved ready meals, you can also enjoy a larger amount of vital substances in this way.

Pressure cookers don’t explode

Explosions in the sense of pressure cookers that fly around your ears in individual parts are not possible. The so-called delayed boiling is possible, in which the lid detaches from the pot, and the food rockets off toward the kitchen ceiling.

However, a pressure cooker lid will only come off the pressure cooker if it is not properly closed. Closing a pressure cooker, however, is by no means a masterpiece and requires neither excessive skill nor a special IQ. Anyone can close a pressure cooker so that the lid stays where it belongs.

Apart from that, pressure cookers are usually equipped with a multi-stage safety system, so that not even careless mistakes can happen – if you don’t try to, then they are no longer careless mistakes.

Pressure cookers on vacation

You can also take a pressure cooker with you on holiday. It is even suitable as a trusty companion when camping or in emergencies as it can even be used over an open flame. Since pressure cookers are very efficient, they also work when there is only a small amount of firewood or other energy sources available.

Baby food pressure cookers

Baby food is often bought in the supermarket: vegetable jars, vegetable-meat jars, fruit jars, muesli jars, etc. It is believed that the industry would use methods to prepare baby food in a particularly gentle way.

Even if this is the case, you can at least practice the same gentle method of preparation with your pressure cooker. Apart from that, baby jars are often left in the warehouse or supermarket shelves for weeks under the influence of light and thus continuously lose their vital substances. With the pressure cooker, you can prepare fresh, nutrient-rich, and delicious dishes for your baby at any time.

Dog food pressure cookers

Your dog can also benefit from the pressure cooker because he is just as happy about carefully prepared, aromatic, and vital substance-rich meals as any other family member. Gone are the days of feeding your dog monotonous dry food or bothering them with flavored canned food.


There are many advantages to using pressure cookers. In order to fully benefit from a pressure cooker, it is worth carefully studying the instructions for use. If you have to decide between two different-sized pots, you should always go for the larger pot, as an oversized pot that is not completely filled will not cause any problems – unlike an undersized pot that is overfilled.

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