Pringles: You Always Ate Them Wrong

Here’s how to start enjoying Pringles chips the right way, starting today

What could be nicer than lying comfortably on the sofa and nibbling on chips? But be careful, even then you can do a lot wrong, and no, in this case, the countless calories are not meant.

  • As a Pringles spokesperson told The Sun Online, there’s only one way to get the full benefit of the chips.
  • The secret of the taste lies in the way the chips are seasoned.
  • What many people don’t know: Pringles chips are only seasoned on one side.
  • Only the curved side of the chips is seasoned, the other side remains completely unseasoned. Simply by squeezing the chips in the packaging, some of the spices also get to the flat side of the snack.
  • So if you want to really delight your taste buds, pop the Pringles chips into your mouth with the convex side facing up. This allows the taste to really unfold in the mouth and create that absolute feel-good chip feeling.
  • If you don’t prefer it quite as spicy, simply flip the chip over and eat it flat, unseasoned side up.

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