Cooking Romanesco – You Should Pay Attention to This

That’s how easy it is to cook Romanesco

Romanesco is often referred to as cauliflower’s little brother. The resemblance is there, but Romanesco brings bright green color to the plate and interesting florets to boot.

  • Like cauliflower, Romanesco can be cooked whole or cut into florets. In both cases, first, remove the outer leaves of the vegetable and cut off the stalk.
  • Wash the romanesco thoroughly under running water and cut into small florets.
  • If you want to cook the vegetable whole, place the Romanesco in a bowl of salted water for 15 minutes before cooking. This removes any unloved “inhabitants” such as beetles or worms.
  • Once cleaned and prepared, place the florets in a saucepan of boiling salted water. A few minutes is enough for the Romanesco to be cooked al dente.
  • If you cook the vegetable whole, it will take a little longer. In this case, proceed as you would when cooking cauliflower to determine the correct doneness: pierce the remaining stalk with a fork. If this is soft, the Romanesco is ready to serve.

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