Protein Noodles: It Doesn’t Always Have to Be Wheat or Spelt

Anyone who eats low carb, do a lot of sport, or is simply looking for an alternative to wheat and spelled noodles will eventually come across protein noodles. Compared to regular pasta, these noodles contain fewer carbohydrates and more protein. But do they taste good?

Substitute for wheat pasta? protein noodles

A steaming plate of ham noodles or spaghetti bolognese: This is not only an irresistible sight for many children, adults also love the pasta dishes. Whereas spaghetti used to be made from grain, today you have a much larger selection when shopping. There are pasta substitutes made from pseudocereals such as quinoa, the satiating konjac root, and, above all, legumes. They all have in common that they contain fewer carbohydrates than classic pasta – which is said to help you lose weight. The protein content is higher, especially in soy spaghetti, chickpea noodles, pea spirelli, and lentil noodles, since legumes naturally contain a lot of protein. However, the taste is different from that of grain pasta and ranges from slightly bitter (pea pasta) to subtly sweet (lentil noodles). Products made from chickpeas taste the most neutral.

How much protein is in the pasta?

Protein noodles are not only popular with those who want to lose weight, but strength athletes in particular appreciate them as a source of protein. However, the protein content of pasta is overestimated. For comparison: 100 grams of egg-free pasta made from durum wheat semolina provides around 5.6 g of protein, egg pasta 4.9 g, and soy pasta 6.1 g. The information relates to cooked noodles. Consumed with a meat sauce, both the wheat pasta and the legume products result in a rich protein meal. However, fitness noodles made from lentils, peas, and beans have the advantage that they provide more fiber than their grain-based counterparts. This can benefit you with a high-protein diet with few plant-based components.

Vegetable strips as a substitute for pasta

For recipes without carbohydrates, there is a delicious alternative to protein spaghetti & co.: pasta made from thinly sliced ​​vegetable strips. Carrots, pumpkin, beetroot, kohlrabi, and zucchini come into consideration – spaghetti made from the latter is known by the catchy name zoodles. Vegetable noodles are not comparable to conventional pasta or protein noodles, but they provide valuable nutrients and also taste very good with a cream or tomato sauce.

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