Repot And Plant Seedlings

It takes time and works for a seed to grow into a strong young plant ready for planting. In addition to good conditions, the delicate little plants also need sufficient attention so that they can develop optimally. Pricking out is an important care measure.

Separate seedlings

Once the roots of the seedlings have developed vigorously, it’s time to repot. Both frost-sensitive and hardy species should be grown in a pot for a few weeks before planting outdoors. Here the little plants have enough time to develop a strong root ball and strong shoots.

Control root development:

  • Lift the coconut tablets out of the shell and examine the underside
  • Lift the plants out of the potting soil with a cake lifter
  • Seedlings are ready when numerous strong roots can be seen

Repot properly

Prick out the young plants that have been brought forward by picking strong and healthy specimens out of the seed compost with a stick. Use a plastic pot for each seedling and fill it with a mixture of potting soil and sand.

Herbs and vegetables grow in special soil from the garden market that is low in nutrients. This encourages the plantlets to root. Place the young plants in the substrate and press it down well. After a thorough watering, the pots migrate to a bright and warm place.

Plant young plants

If the young plants are to grow in pots, the time of year does not play a major role in potting. Frost-sensitive plants should only be planted outdoors after the ice saints in mid-May. More robust varieties may move into the bed earlier.

Acclimate plants to the outdoor climate

Getting used to the conditions in the garden starts in April. Place the plant pots in a sheltered spot on the balcony and terrace during the day when the climate is mild. Avoid a place in the direct sun as this will cause burns. Gradually increase the standing time until the vessels are permanently outside. The plants are then allowed to move into the bed.

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