Rhenish Cuisine – That’s What You Eat In The Rhineland

Rhenish cuisine is known for its hearty dishes. She received influences from the Netherlands and Belgium. In this article, we will introduce you to classic dishes from the Rhenish cooking pots.

Classics of Rhenish cuisine: Traditional dishes and meals

The expression ‘Rhenish cuisine’ is a collective term for the regional cuisine of the Lower and Middle Rhine, as found today in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia. Hearty and simple dishes are typical of Rhenish cuisine. But hearty desserts are also part of the regional repertoire.

  • Rhenish-style mussels are made from mussels, white wine, and finely diced vegetables. The whole thing is seasoned with allspice, garlic, bay leaves, or cloves. A slice of black bread with butter is traditionally served with this.
  • You can order a Haven Hahn in many pubs in the Rhineland. The rather simple meal consists of a Röggelchen (rye bun) served with butter, gravel (middle-aged Gouda), mustard, pickles, onions, and paprika powder.
  • Himmel und Ääd (heaven and earth) is also a simple feast, usually made with potatoes or mashed potatoes and apples or apple sauce. There is also fried black pudding or liver sausage.
  • Pill cakes are the Rhenish-Berg version of potato pancakes. The potatoes, cut into thin strips, are first fried and then mixed with eggs, flour, and a little milk before being fried until crispy.
  • Behind the dialect expression, ‘Döppelkooche’ (pancake) hides a kind of hearty potato gratin with weighted rolls, onions, Mettwurst, and bacon, which is served in many Rhenish regions at Martin’s Festival.
  • The so-called Bergische Kaffeetafel is also one of the classic Rhenish dishes. In addition to sweet raisin bread made from yeast dough (raisin mares), pumpernickel and various sweet spreads such as sugar beet syrup and honey, rice pudding, and red fruit jelly also belong on the traditional coffee table.

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