Rice Leftovers: Avoid Food Waste With Enjoyment

If you have leftover cooked rice, there are many tasty ways to use up the leftovers. Use the versatile food and feast your way through the whole range of creative recipes! We provide you with great inspiration and ideas.

Utilizing rice made easy

Use cooked rice? No problem. Because there are a number of recipes from the creative leftover kitchen for the popular side dish. Whether you want to use it to prepare savory dishes or make the use of leftover rice sweet, there is no shortage of ideas for the different varieties. From wholegrain to fragrant basmati rice to rice pudding, everything can be processed into delicious dishes. Cooking more rice at the same time is doubly worthwhile: You already have a good part of the meal ready and thus save time and energy when cooking. However, if you want to use up cooked rice, you should do so by the next day if possible. Otherwise, Bacillus cereus bacteria, which are almost always found on rice, could multiply. As a precaution, cool cooked rice quickly and store it in the refrigerator until you can use up leftovers. Alternatively, you can also freeze it.

Utilize cooked rice – from casserole to stir-fry

Recipes for rice dishes in which the grain is the main ingredient include casseroles, stir-fries and patties. Supplemented with vegetables, cheese, eggs, fish or meat, delicious and quick meals can be conjured up. For example, prepare fried rice with eggs for the very uncomplicated use of leftovers, for the exotic a spicy jambalaya or Asian Nasi Goreng, and for the cold cuisine a rice salad. Rice pudding is ideal as leftovers for breakfast. To do this, simply boil the rice again briefly in milk. Basmati rice works better than long grain rice. This is the right choice for our rice cakes and other savory leftover rice recipes. Particularly practical: casseroles can be enjoyed both sweet and savory. Try a hearty version with rice, spinach, corn, eggs, and cheese. Foodies will get their money’s worth with rice and rhubarb casserole.

Bowls and fillings with rice

Do you know bowls? The trendy bowl dishes are a fundus for many other recipes for using leftover rice. All you have to do is warm it up and serve it in a bowl with vegetables, legumes, seeds, and whatever else you fancy. Add a dressing and you’re done! Rice is also great for fillings. Vine leaf and savoy cabbage rolls, sushi, peppers, aubergines, and zucchini from the oven or burritos are just a few examples of the numerous possible uses. Rice can be used here as a substitute or supplement for minced meat. Just try it out and combine the ingredients according to your taste.

Tip: Let yourself be inspired by quinoa recipes to use up rice. The pseudo-grain can usually be exchanged for rice without any problems.

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