Ricotta Substitutes: Alternatives with a Similar Consistency

Luckily for ricotta, there are a few options for a substitute. The decisive factor here is not so much the taste, but the consistency, because that is what makes the cream cheese. We give you 5 alternatives here.

5 ways to substitute ricotta

The substitute for ricotta should be similar to the popular cream cheese from Italy – i.e. with a light and soft consistency. The whey product has a fresh, creamy taste.

  1. For vegans, silken tofu is, therefore, an animal-free alternative to ricotta. The consistency of this type of tofu is almost identical, so you can use the same amount when cooking.
  2. Cottage cheese is particularly similar. This is also characterized by a mild flavor and has a grainy consistency, but cottage cheese is slightly more moister than ricotta. So keep this in mind when preparing your food.
  3. Indian Panir cheese also shows similarity in flavor and texture. But it is a bit spicier and also rarer in the trade.
  4. With sour cream or crème fraîche, you will find a simple and good alternative. Like ricotta, both dairy products are creamy. However, these two variants are a lot milder in taste than ricotta. You should therefore season your dish a little more.
  5. Of all the variants, mascarpone cheese comes closest in consistency to ricotta. The double-cream cream cheese gets its thickness and unique taste with the addition of citric, tartaric, or acetic acid.

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