Rolled Roast Cooking Time: How Long It Needs To Go In The Oven

The classic Sunday meal par excellence is the rolled roast. Deliciously filled, served with fluffy bread dumplings and a creamy, dark sauce, simply heavenly. Finding the perfect cooking time so that the roast is done but not too dry depends on a number of factors.

Pork, beef, or turkey

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to rolled roasts. Be it pork, turkey, or even wild boar. Everything is allowed and doable. The main thing is that the meat rolls well. However, what makes the difference is the cooking time and the temperature of the oven, which of course must be adjusted according to the type of meat and the weight of the roast. The classic par excellence is of course the pork. Especially the meat from the neck is well mixed and juicy so that your roast does not dry out too quickly in the oven. If you prefer turkey, it is best to use breast meat or leg. Of course, a rolled beef roast is also possible. The tender meat from the leg is ideal for this. Either way, it has to be easy to cut, fill and roll.

Roast cooking time

Once you have decided on a type of meat, stuffed and tied the rolled roast, the question naturally arises as to how long it needs to be in the oven to be well cooked but not too dry. This of course depends on the type of meat and the weight of the roast. The filling is irrelevant. If you have decided on a delicious rolled roast made from two kilograms of pork, you should put it in the oven at 170 degrees for 75 minutes. The thicker your roast is, the longer the cooking time should be.

If your roast is made from turkey, a slightly lower temperature is recommended, as the meat will dry out quickly. 60 minutes at 140°C are enough to thoroughly cook one kilogram of meat and the filling. Beef is similar to pork roast. In this case, a temperature of 170°C is recommended for a kilogram of meat. Depending on the thickness, the roast should be in the oven for about 50 minutes.

Tip: A bit of cheating is allowed! To prevent the rolled roast from becoming too dry, you can simply coat the roast with bacon. Your roast is then not only juicy and delicious but also has a wonderfully crispy crust.

Get the right cooking point

Cooking a rolled roast sounds easy. But reaching the correct core temperature in the meat is not rocket science, but requires experience. Or you just know how to help yourself. And with a meat thermometer. This allows you to better understand how far your rolled roast has already cooked. At a core temperature of 65°C to 80°C, your roast is well-done. If you prefer it slightly pink, this should only be 50°C to 65°C. However, if the temperature rises above 80°C, there is a risk that your rolled roast will become too dry. However, if you keep to the temperatures and the appropriate cooking time, you will be rewarded with a juicy rolled roast.

Get on the scales

No fear. It’s not you who should be weighed, but your roast. Of course, you can put your rolled roast in the oven of any size and weight. Of course, the more people at the table, the more meat and filling you should use. Every guest should be full. The more meat you use, the longer your roast should be in the oven. Aim for the perfect core temperature and you can’t go wrong.

Totally different

If you don’t want to cook your rolled roast at full heat, but rather gently and with a long cooking time, then the low-cooking method is recommended. To do this, pack your stuffed and tied piece of meat in a roaster and fill it with vegetables, water and if you like, red wine. Add a few spices and then put it in the oven for 3.5 hours at 80°C. The result will reward you for the long cooking. This makes the rolled roast even juicier, tenderer, and more intense in taste.

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