Salad Dressing: Low-Calorie and Delicious Recipes

A salad dressing is quick and easy to prepare yourself with the right recipe. And best of all: It is free of additives and contains no hidden fattening agents.

A crunchy salad needs a tasty dressing. Many people use ready-made products from the supermarket – practical, especially when they need to be quick. But these salad dressings are usually real calorie bombs. With just a few ingredients, you can make a healthy alternative yourself.

Lots of sugar and fat in instant sauces

Ready-to-use dressings usually contain a lot of food chemistry – for example, thickeners such as modified waxy maize or potato starch, as well as xanthan gum, maltodextrin, or glucose-fructose syrup. Behind all these designations is almost exclusively sugar.

The manufacturers of finished products are also not stingy with unhealthy fats because fat is an important flavor carrier. In combination with sugar, the dressings become fattening. Store-bought non-fat sauces loaded with additives and flavorings are not a healthier option, however.

Prepare classics from oil, mustard, and vinegar

As an alternative, it is worth making the dressing yourself. So it is clear which ingredients are in it – and the effort is not particularly great. The simplest salad dressing is the classic oil, mustard, and vinegar. The vinegar is key here. This should not contain any sugar, thickeners, additives, or flavorings. Whether with fruit or seeds – this quick dressing can be easily modified according to your own wishes

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