Horseradish: Mustard Oils Help Against Colds and Pain

Horseradish is considered anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial. It contains mustard oils, which can prevent colds and relieve pain. This makes it the medicinal plant of the year 2021.

The eyes water, the nose runs, the cheeks blush: These are typical reactions that occur when grating and cutting horseradish. The cause is the hot mustard oils. They are formed when the mustard oil glycosides (glucosinolates) contained in horseradish are broken down and broken down by the enzyme myrosinase, which is also found in horseradish when the root is processed.

Mustard oils are effective against bacteria and viruses

Mustard oil glycosides are among the secondary plant substances and make horseradish so healthy that it has now been named medicinal plant 2021. However, its effectiveness has been known since the 12th century, and it is also referred to as the “peasants’ penicillin”. Mustard oils prevent bacteria from multiplying and even work against viruses. Since they are preferably excreted via the kidneys, they accumulate in the bladder mucosa and develop their effect there. For this reason, horseradish is used in particular in the event of an emerging bladder and urinary tract infection.

If you don’t like fresh horseradish, you can also use tablets, drops, or powder. They also contain mustard oils, which can prevent colds and relieve pain.

Make cough syrup for colds yourself

You can also easily make your own cough syrup from horseradish and honey. To do this, grate a piece of horseradish about five centimeters long and put it in a screw-top jar with four tablespoons of honey. In the case of an acute cold, you can take up to four teaspoons of this syrup per day, and one teaspoon per day is sufficient to prevent a cold from coming on. However, it should not be more, because too much horseradish can irritate the mucous membranes, throat, and esophagus. This is especially true for people who have problems with heartburn, gastritis, or kidney disease.

Horseradish wraps and pads can relieve pain

The fact that the spiciness of the mustard oils stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation can also be used for hot wraps or pads: To do this, place thinly sliced ​​horseradish in a cloth bag or wrapped in a thin cotton cloth on the painful part of the body. The mustard oils relieve muscle tension and joint problems.

Important vitamins and minerals in horseradish

In addition to up to 0.3 percent mustard oil glycosides (gluconasturtiin, sinigrin) and the enzyme myrosinase, horseradish also contains vitamins C, B1, and B2, minerals such as potassium (important for the heart and nerves) and flavonoids such as the antioxidant quercetin, which protects cells from free Protect against radicals and keep the blood vessels supple.

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