Salchichón Iberico – Spanish Sausage Specialty

This specialty from Spain is a salami-like, air-dried sausage. The meat for the production of the Salchichón Iberico is provided by the purebred Iberian pig. The sausage is particularly tasty when the pigs have been fed acorns. The meat is filled into casings and dried in the air of the drying chambers for 45 days to 2 months, but sometimes for several years. The mature sausage has a whitish rind and a rough cut. Both pieces of fat and crushed peppercorns are clearly visible.


Salchichón was originally made to preserve pig meat after slaughter. The sausage is now considered a delicacy and is produced throughout Spain. The main production takes place on the high plateaus, as these are particularly suitable for breeding pigs.


Salchichón is available all year round with consistent quality. It can be bought whole or sliced.


The firm structure of the sausage gets a special consistency from the coarse pieces of fat. The addition of salt, pepper, nutmeg, and coriander makes salchichón particularly flavorful and piquant. Coarsely crushed peppercorns give it a pleasant sharpness. In order to enjoy the full taste, it is advisable to take the sausage packaging out of the fridge and open it 20-30 minutes before consumption.


In Spain, salchichón is served with hard cheese and rustic bread. It is suitable as a snack, appetizer or sandwich. It goes particularly well with strong red wine.


Whole sausages should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. Cut salchichón or slices belong in the fridge.


Properly stored, salchichón will keep for several months. Once cut, it should be eaten within 1-2 weeks.

Nutritional value/active ingredient

The calorie content of salchichón varies greatly depending on the fat content. In general, pork salami has an average of 30 g of fat per 100 g.

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