Boil Apples – That’s How It Works

Cooking apples – the tools

In order to be able to preserve your apples well, you need the right tools. You can find out what these are and how your apples get a special taste below:

  • It is best to cook the apples in preserving jars. They have a suitable volume and a good closure.
  • You will also need a preserving pot, a sharp knife, a saucepan, and a spoon.
  • So that the apples do not turn sour, you need to add a little sugar. It is best to weigh it with a kitchen scale.
  • You should also have citric acid, vanilla sugar, and, depending on your taste, some cinnamon ready.

How to cook apples properly

After you have everything ready, you can start cooking. Read below how to do this:

  1. Peel the apples. You should pay particular attention to pressure points and remove them as well.
  2. Then cut the apples in half and remove the core. You decide how big the pieces you want to preserve should be. Note: The smaller you cut the pieces, the less space there is between them, and the less brew you can fit in the glasses.
  3. Now boil the brew that you fill into the glasses. To do this, fill a saucepan with about a liter of water, 300 grams of sugar, and a packet of vanilla sugar. If you need more stock, you have to adjust the quantities accordingly. Then boil the mixture briefly.
  4. Place the sliced ​​apples in the jars. They should be filled so high that there is still a few centimeters of air at the top. You can also only fill the jars up to two-thirds full, depending on how much you want to preserve per portion.
  5. Then fill the brew into the glasses until the apples are covered. Dry the rubber seal and close the jars.
  6. Finally, place the jars in the preserving pot and fill it with water. The water should be filled to the top of the glasses.
  7. Then close the lid and turn the pressure cooker on to 90 degrees. Leave the jars in the preserving pot for at least half an hour, then allow them to cool slowly.
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Written by John Myers

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