Slow Food: That Is Behind This Term

Slow Food: Good, clean, and fair

Founded in 1986 by Italian Carlo Petrini, the Slow Food Movement emerged in response to the opening of a fast food chain on Rome’s Spanish Steps. Since then it has also been very popular in Germany.

  • Slow Food doesn’t mean the literal translation “slow eating”, it’s much more about becoming aware of your feeling of hunger and satiety when eating. In contrast to fast food, the goal here is a long-lasting feeling of satiety through healthy food.
  • The movement is also in favor of regional and sustainably grown food and thus clearly distinguishes itself from factory farming and genetic engineering.
  • The combination of fair, organic products and regional cuisine should result in a conscious enjoyment of the variety of tastes in the food because according to the Slow Food Trend, quality and taste simply take time.
  • Regional products also ensure an authentic, natural character and reconnect people with their own region. In this way, the regional economic cycles can be strengthened again.
  • Information is also provided about the dangers of fast food, factory farming, and agriculture with the increased use of chemicals. At the same time, the movement is committed to consumer protection in the food industry and shows commitment to environmental protection.
  • The movement is accessible to everyone. For example, you can already grow your own slow food bed with vegetables such as carrots or courgettes in the garden or on the balcony and thus make a small contribution to the slow food movement.

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Written by John Myers

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