Southernwood: Uses and Effects on The Body

The taste of southernwood

Southernwood, also known as cola herb, can be recognized by its grey-green, slit leaves. Originally from Yugoslavia, it is now commercially grown in Greece and Italy. Although very useful, the herb is little known today.

  • With its rather bitter and strictly aromatic taste, the herb stands out from many common spices.
  • The plant is commercially available in two flavors: The aroma of lemon southernwood is reminiscent of citrus fruits. The battle boar is even more intense in the bitter taste of the plant.
  • The herb gets its lemon-like taste from the essential oil absinthol, whereby the herb with its mixture of sweetness and bitterness is more similar to the taste of mugwort.
  • Since southernwood is very intense in both flavors, it is best to only use the herb in small doses in the kitchen.

The effect of southernwood

  • Just as the taste of the herb is very intense, the effects of the plant are also very powerful.
  • The tannins and bitter substances in medicinal herbs primarily support the digestive juices of the stomach, bile, and liver. Southernwood helps with digestion, stimulates the appetite, and calms stomach cramps.
  • The antispasmodic effect can help women with menstrual cramps in particular.
  • Southernwood also has a positive effect on bladder and kidney activity. With its calming and antibacterial effect, it promotes perspiration. Thus, it can be used well for fever, cough, and sleep problems.
  • If you use the herb as a remedy, it is best to drink it as tea. To do this, add a teaspoon of the herb to 250-300 ml of boiling water. Leave it dry for 5 minutes, fresh for 10 minutes.

Use of southernwood in the kitchen

  • With its bitter taste, southernwood can be used wonderfully in sauces for greasy game and meat dishes. But stews can also be seasoned with spice.
  • Be careful with the dosage. Due to the strong aroma, it is enough to use just a little of the herb to flavor the dish.
  • With its digestive effect, southernwood can be used as a digestif or liqueur. You can even make such a liqueur yourself.
  • To do this, mix southernwood, 250 grams of sugar, and any type of vodka or grain that contains at least 38 percent alcohol. The mixture should also consist of one-third southernwood.
  • Because of the cola-like taste, you can easily make your own cola. You will find instructions on how to do this in the next practical tip.

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