Sumac Substitute: How to Substitute the Spice

If sumac is called for in a recipe, they cannot find an adequate substitute for this spice. It has a flavor all of its own that you can’t balance with other spices. How you can still manage if you don’t have any sumac in the house, read here.

Sumac substitute – unfortunately, there is no such thing

Sumac is a spice from oriental cuisine.

  • High-quality sumac is only obtained from the ground fruit of the dyer tree.
  • The spice has a very fruity, slightly tart, and lemony-sour taste.
  • Low-quality sumac is often sold mixed with salt.
  • In fact, you cannot adequately substitute the spice in a dish. They can only produce approximately similar flavors.

Substitute lemon for sumac

Even though sumac has a slight lemon flavor, you can’t really substitute lemon for it.

  • Then the other nuances of the versatile spice are missing.
  • You can replace at least part of the light lemon flavor by using lemon.
  • That goes through a few drops of lemon juice. The abrasion of the lemon zest is better suited. Make sure that the lemons are unsprayed and organic.

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