Summer Roll Dips: From Nuoc Cham To Sweet And Sour

Summer rolls are quick to prepare, super versatile, and also pretty healthy. No wonder the lucky rolls, as they are also called, are so popular. Their fresh taste is rounded off by delicious dips and sauces. You can find our favorite summer roll dips and everything you need to know about preparing them here:

Summer roll dips: An absolute must

Asian cuisine is characterized by countless dishes and tastes. Whether meat, fish, vegetarian or vegan specialties, everything is covered. Likewise, sauces and dips should never be missing. They round off the dishes and give them an extra kick. A variety of sauces and dips have been developed in Asian cuisines for many years. Summer rolls also taste incredibly delicious when dipped in a suitable dip. So that you too can enjoy it, we show you our favorites here.

Nuoc Cham summer rolls dip

The versatile one: Nuoc Cham, also called Nuoc Mam Pha, is one of the most versatile dips in Vietnamese cuisine. It is often served with various salads and spring rolls. But he is also an excellent companion for summer roles. The sweet and sour taste ensures a pleasant spiciness and freshness in the dishes. The main actor is fish sauce. There is also sugar, water, lime juice, garlic, and of course red chilies. Nuoc Cham is also versatile when it comes to preparation. So you can decide for yourself how spicy you want your Nuoc Cham. If you don’t like spicy things that well, just be more economical with the chili and add a little more sugar to taste.

Peanut dip

The all-rounder: If you prefer it nutty, then a peanut dip is right for you. It is a real all-rounder in Asian kitchens. It can be served with almost any rice, pasta, or vegetable dish. Meat dishes and salads are also perfectly rounded off with it. The creamy dip is also vegan and therefore also recommended for vegan dishes. The dip consists mainly of peanut butter, coconut milk, and lime juice. Its intense taste is complemented with soy sauce and a little cane sugar.

Tip: If you don’t want to use store-bought peanut butter, you can also use homemade peanut butter.

Already knew?

While the peanut is better known to us as a canned snack, in Asia it is mainly used in cooking because of its healthy properties. In addition to a high proportion of magnesium and various vitamins, it also provides a considerable amount of unsaturated fatty acids and proteins.

Hoisin sauce

The classic: The hoisin sauce also goes well with summer rolls. It is also indispensable in Asian cuisine. This is not the least because it consists of traditional ingredients such as fermented black beans, Chinese 5 spice powder, sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and plum jam. Since it does not contain any animal products, it is even highly recommended for vegans. Plus it’s super quick to make. The taste is intense and sweet. Due to sugar and plum jam, the classic is also rather thick. The thick consistency is even an advantage, because the thicker the sauce, the better it sticks to the summer rolls.

Sweet chili sauce

The constant: The sweet chili sauce also has its permanent place in the kitchens of Vietnam. It can now also be found on our supermarket shelves and completes the table setting in Asian restaurants. It is particularly used for dishes such as spring rolls and summer rolls. Sugar, rice vinegar, ginger, starch, and of course chilies are required for the preparation. In contrast to the other dips, the chili sauce has to be cooked. This little effort definitely pays off in terms of taste! If you prefer a slightly milder version, then try our sweet chili sauce with tomato passata.

You already know a variety of ideas for delicious summer roll dips. To make your culinary excursion into the delicious world of summer rolls complete, we’ll splash out and tell you about our tastiest fillings for summer rolls.

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