Sweetcorn – Full Color, Lots of Flavor

Sweet corn is characterized by its tender, pleasant-tasting, sugar-rich grains and differs from feed corn in these respects. It is harvested in Germany from July to November, depending on the weather. Sweetcorn kernels are golden yellow and contain glucose and fructose, fruit sugars that provide the sweet taste.


Germany, France, Netherlands, Morocco


typical, sweet


Sweetcorn is available fresh and pre-cooked vacuum packed. Vacuum-packed sweetcorn is available all year round. The main supply period for fresh sweetcorn is limited to July to November, depending on the weather. The corn cobs are boiled in water with the addition of a pinch of sugar and then eaten with butter and salt or herb salt. The corn on the cob is also ideal for grilling. For our popcorn recipes, on the other hand, you need special popcorn. Only that really pops up.


Vacuumed candy corn can be stored at room temperature. Fresh candy corn should be kept in the refrigerator after purchase until ready to eat.

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