Tap Water: Where Does It Come From And What Is The Staple Food Made Of?

If we turn on the tap, high-quality, strictly controlled food flows out of the tap, which literally forms the basis of our livelihood. We use it to prepare our meals and drinks, or just plain. You can find out what’s inside here.

Valuable food: tap water

In Germany, the quality of drinking water is very good compared to other countries. The legal requirements ensure that the limit values ​​for pollutants and microorganisms are observed, the taste is neutral and the water is clear. Our tap water consists of around 60 percent groundwater, 30 percent surface water, and 10 percent spring water. The water suppliers take groundwater from the water protection areas, which make up around 10 percent of the area nationwide. During treatment in the waterworks, purity is ensured by mixing with oxygen and filtering, and the composition is checked. The mineral content varies from place to place. The question of whether mineral water or tap water is healthier can therefore only be answered on a case-by-case basis: it depends on what mineral requirements you have.

Constituents and taste of drinking water

Tap water mainly contains sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. The content of the latter two minerals determines the water hardness, which also affects the taste. Hard water tastes slightly salty, while soft water tastes completely neutral. This circumstance can be quite relevant for fine tastes. Water with a degree of hardness from 14 degrees German hardness (°dH) is considered hard. For many people, however, the carbon content is more important, for example when it comes to choosing the water for a wine spritzer. Most people only really like the drink when it’s sparkling, which is why they use sparkling water. Those with a sensitive stomach, on the other hand, prefer still water. Both types are healthy, as are the other types of water available in Germany, such as medicinal water, table water, or spring water. You can find out what distinguishes and distinguishes them in our water knowledge.

Can tap water be improved?

Due to the strictly controlled quality, it is not necessary from a health point of view to clean the water coming out of the tap with a drinking water filter. The consumer centers advise critically questioning the advertising promises of the filter manufacturers. Unsubstantiated statements are often made here, for example, that filters help to purify the body or screen out pathogenic bacteria. The latter must not be contained in tap water by law and could often only form when drinking water filters are used if they are not carefully cleaned and maintained. The use of such filters can only bring taste benefits, for example for coffee and tea lovers.

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