Tapioca Flour: It is Used Here

Tapioca flour: How to use it

Tapioca flour is pure starch that can be used to bind a variety of foods. It is particularly popular in Asian cuisine. It is also considered a staple food in Brazil. Tapioca flour is tasteless and gluten-free.

  • Tapioca comes in the form of flour, but also as pearls. You know the latter from bubble tea: if you boil the pearls, they become transparent and burst when you bite on them. This element of surprise is popular even with top chefs.
  • In vegetarian and vegan cuisine, tapioca is the perfect vegetable binder for pudding, soup, or vegan egg substitutes.
  • The Indonesian specialty kroepoek, which you can often find in Asian supermarkets, is made from a base of tapioca flour. The crab chips are also made with ground shrimp and spices. The dough kneaded from it is then fried until crispy and served warm.
  • Tapioca can also be used for tasty desserts. Particularly well-known and easy to make yourself is pudding, which gets a velvety-soft consistency with coconut milk and various fruits.
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