Teewurst – Spreadable Raw Sausage

The Teewurst is a spreadable raw sausage that is reddened, matured, and smoked with the help of curing salt. The main ingredients are pork and beef that is low in fat and tendons, coarsely defatted pork, and bacon. In addition to pepper and salt, cardamom, for example, is also used as spices. It is extremely popular as a coarse and fine sausage in Germany.


The roots of the Teewurst are believed to be in the Pomeranian Rügenwalde, where it was made in a meat products factory in 1874. Teewurst does not contain tea, as the name suggests. Rather, the sausage got its name from a long-ago custom of serving it with tea in the afternoon.


Teewurst is available in all supermarkets all year round.

Taste/ consistency

Teewurst is valued above all for its finely sour, smoky, spicy taste.


Teewurst is mainly eaten as a spread.

Storage/shelf life

Lactic acid bacteria by lowering the pH value and the smoking process have a natural preserving effect so that Teewurst can be stored refrigerated for about 3 weeks. It is advisable to pay attention to the best before date.

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