The Best Foods For Your Joints

The articular cartilage is a supporting component of our joints. Smooth movement of the joints is not possible without intact articular cartilage. He needs very special substances to stay healthy.

The first steps are the worst. Do your knees hurt in the morning or after a long drive? And after a few meters does the unpleasant feeling disappear again? This so-called start-up pain is one of the first signs of arthrosis. Joint wear and tear develops gradually and is usually a consequence of age. Only two things help against him: sufficient exercise and a healthy diet.

Cartilage needs movement

The first point is quickly ticked off: try to move at least 30 minutes three times a week. Nutrients only flow into the cartilage if the tissue in the joints is alternately loaded and unloaded. Joint-gentle sports are mainly swimming, cycling, Nordic walking, or even walking.

It’s a bit more difficult with a joint-healthy diet. Because a lot of what tastes particularly good to us is poison for the articular cartilage. Meat, for example, contains a lot of arachidonic acids, which cause painful inflammation in the joints. This is especially annoying in the upcoming barbecue season.

Grill fish instead of meat

But you don’t have to do without. Fish, for example, looks just as good on the grill as vegetables. You won’t miss the meat at all. In any case, you should eat fish two to three times a week. Meat should only be on the table at the weekend – and if it is, then low-fat poultry is better than roast pork.

Legumes provide protein

However, if you largely avoid meat, you still need protein. The best way to meet this requirement is through legumes such as lentils or beans. They also contain many minerals that the body needs.

Articular cartilage cannot remain healthy without vitamins either. Above all, you need vitamins B1 and C. The B vitamin is mainly found in wholemeal bread. But you should also try boiled rye or wheat grains as a side dish (similar to rice). Delicious! Vitamin C is found in abundance in almost all types of fruit and vegetables – and especially in rose hips.

Dye reduces inflammation

And rose hips can do even more: they contain a lot of lycopene, just like tomatoes. This red plant pigment reduces inflammation in the joints. If you don’t want to drink a large glass of tomato juice every day, you can also use dietary supplements with rosehip extract (pharmacy). The substances in the rosehip extract stimulate the formation of new building blocks in the cartilage tissue.

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