The Difference Between Hot Air and Circulating Air: the Oven Simply eExplained

This is the difference between hot air and forced air

The difference between hot air and circulating air is simply explained:

  • If you have a convection oven, the air on the fan is heated with the help of a heater. Your dish is cooked directly with heat.
  • A convection oven works with top and bottom heat. The heat is distributed throughout the oven with the help of a fan. This means that the heat is not applied directly to your dish.
  • The hot air allows you to cook your dishes faster and more evenly than with convection. You can also achieve a quick cooking time with the convection oven. However, the oven must be preheated beforehand. Accordingly, the preparation time can take a little longer and cost electricity.
  • For example, if only circulating air is specified in a recipe, you can also work with hot air. Depending on the oven, you may have to lower the temperature a little. If your recipe only contains information about hot air, set the temperature a little higher for a convection oven.
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