The Fruit Shake For Your Heart

A fruit shake tastes wonderfully sweet and fruity and is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. In the age of low-carb nutrition, which is becoming increasingly popular, a pure fruit shake is almost a sin. It provides a decent amount of carbohydrates. But the human body doesn’t seem to think too much of low carb. Because heart and circulation stay healthy with fruit shakes – at least with a very specific fruit shake.

The fruit shake protects the heart and blood vessels

According to Israeli scientists in the March 2015 issue of the specialist magazine Food & Function, a certain fruit shake is said to offer maximum protection against arteriosclerosis – an enormous risk factor for heart attacks and strokes.

How can this be possible?

Atherosclerosis describes deposits on the blood vessel walls, which leads to hardening and narrowing of the same.

The deposits consist largely of oxidized cholesterol particles.

If one could prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, this would reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis enormously.

Natural antioxidants can stop said oxidation process and thus make heart attack and stroke a long way off.

Prof. Michael Aviram and his team of scientists at Israel’s oldest university at the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine and Rambam Medical Center have been dedicated to isolating and researching exactly these antioxidants for 25 years now.

The recipe against arteriosclerosis: 1 glass of pomegranate and date shake daily
According to Prof. Aviram, in order to take the right antioxidants in the most effective combination, you should eat pomegranates and dates every day.

The health benefits of pomegranates have long been known to researchers. Likewise the excellent properties of dates. However, the fact that both fruits together have a much stronger effect than the sum of their individual effects would have suggested was beyond their knowledge.

Just like dates, pomegranates are rich in various antioxidant polyphenols. These substances are all masters at preventing oxidative stress and thus the oxidation of cholesterol.

At the same time, dates provide substances that stimulate the transport of cholesterol from the artery wall cells back to the liver. (The liver delivers the cholesterol to the gallbladder, from where it is then excreted in the stool.)

If you now mix both fruits together, an antioxidant combination of outstanding power and effect is created.

Pomegranates and dates lower cholesterol by 28 percent

In studies on cells from arterial walls and on mice suffering from atherosclerosis, the scientists found that the triple combination of pomegranates, dates, and date stones offers maximum protection against the development of atherosclerosis.

The pomegranate and date shake was able to reduce oxidative stress in artery walls by 33 percent and lower cholesterol levels in artery wall cells by 28 percent.

Prof. Aviram, therefore, recommends that both healthy people and those at high risk of cardiovascular disease drink half a glass a day with a pomegranate and date shake.

The pomegranate date shake

The shake should be prepared as follows:

In a blender or personal blender, mix about 120 ml of unsweetened pomegranate juice with 3 unsweetened dates (sweetened dates are shiny, unsweetened ones look dull).

It would be ideal if you could make the pomegranate juice yourself in a juicer without a centrifuge (e.g. Green Star Elite or similar).

Prof. Aviram also advises eating date stones as well.

To do this, they are of course ground beforehand. However, the very hard cores put a lot of strain on the high-performance mixer. A powerful coffee grinder may be more suitable for such a purpose.

Fortunately, the pomegranate-date combination is still more effective than either fruit consumed alone, even without the date seeds, according to the Israeli research team.

The pomegranate and date shake is a wonderful first breakfast or a fine mid-morning snack. Enjoy your meal!

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