This Is How Our Heart Stays Strong And Healthy

We can’t start early enough with the right heart care – because even in young people, the organ can get out of sync. Fortunately, something can be done about it.

Stay healthy and fit for as long as possible. We all wish that! In order for this to succeed, it is particularly important to pay attention to our hearts. It is not for nothing that muscles are considered the most important organ in the body. If it falls ill, dangerous conditions such as cardiac insufficiency, heart attack, or coronary heart disease are possible consequences. PraxisVITA explains the measures we can take to prevent this.

Maintain friendships

A recent study shows how important a familiar person is for our health. It shows that close friendships reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems by 20 percent. The explanation: the more social contacts we have, the less damaging stress hormones are in the blood. So it’s worth picking up your cell phone and spontaneously inviting your best friend over for a cup of coffee.

Season with turmeric and chili

Turmeric can halt the aging process of the cardiovascular system, a recent experiment showed. Tip: simply use spice instead of salt. The stimulant in chili peppers, capsaicin, also cleans the blood vessels and prevents the accumulation of blood fats, which can promote a heart attack.

Cycle more often

If you want to prevent heart failure, you should get out on your bike more often. Because new studies by the German Heart Foundation prove: cycling is the healthiest sport for the heart. The idea is to pedal for 20 minutes a day. The even load not only prevents high blood pressure but can also reduce it effectively. In addition, the heart muscle becomes stronger because it is subjected to greater demands. Extra tip: We also do something good for our hearts with walks. Half an hour a day also promotes muscle growth and relieves the heart, which can reduce its pumping capacity.

Rosemary strengthens the heart

The Mediterranean herb promotes heart muscle power and blood circulation. As a result, rosemary prevents cardiac insufficiency and combats low blood pressure. For a rosemary tea, crumble the leaves of a twig, pour over 250 ml of boiling water, and let steep for ten minutes.

Healthy thanks to spinach

The green leafy vegetables have it all: The folic acid in spinach neutralizes harmful metabolic products in the body that significantly increase the risk of heart failure and heart attack. In addition, the nitrate contained in the body is converted into nitrogen monoxide. This naturally widens the blood vessels – the blood can flow freely again and the heat pump is relieved. 100 g spinach once or twice a week is ideal.

Healing Ginger

Is it worth drinking ginger tea now instead of taking a pill? Yes! Because the ingredients of the spice have a similar effect to the medicinal active ingredient acetylsalicylic acid (ASA). They inhibit blood clotting and reduce the risk of heart attack by 50 percent. Pour 250 ml of boiling water over five slices of fresh ginger and leave to stand for ten minutes. Drink two cups a day.

Pay attention to the magnesium supply

What do 100 g sunflower seeds, 120 g almonds, and 200 g wholemeal bread have in common? Quite simply: they all contain 300 mg magnesium and can thus cover our daily requirement for the valuable mineral. Why is that so important? As a study by the University of Boston in the USA has shown, regular intake of magnesium can reduce our risk of heart attack by more than 40 percent. So nibble seeds and nuts as often as possible.

Eat avocados and tomatoes

Red-Green is the top team when it comes to preventing hardening of the arteries: the plant pigment lycopene contained in tomatoes and the folic acid in avocados reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) by up to 20 percent. Two tomatoes and half an avocado a day are ideal, e.g. B. as a spread.

Get enough sleep

Researchers from West Virginia University in the USA discovered that people who sleep seven hours a night have healthier arteries and are less susceptible to stress than chronic short sleepers.

Power of Touch

Stroke, cuddle, caress – your heart just can’t get enough of it! Because when we are touched, the brain releases bonding hormones. These in turn have a positive effect on heart health.

Important: thorough oral hygiene

Scientists have found that thorough oral hygiene significantly reduces the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke. The reason for this lies in the aggressive periodontitis bacteria that trigger inflammation of the gums. The pests can spread throughout the body and promote vascular inflammation. The risk of arteriosclerosis increases. Tip: in addition to brushing, use dental floss or interdental brushes once a day to clean the spaces between your teeth.

Enjoy dark chocolate

Cheers to the chocolate! Because the flavonoids contained in the cocoa bean dampen our stress hormones, which can also damage the heart in the long term. The higher the cocoa content, the better (at least 70 percent). Just 25 g a day is enough.

Reach for apples

The delicious fruits are ideal heart protectors: they contain a lot of fiber that keeps our arteries healthy. According to US researchers, just ten grams a day reduce the risk of heart disease by 27 percent – ​​that corresponds to three apples a day.

Good to know

Zoff in relationships – whether between partners or friends – is poison for the heart. Why? Because the brain releases stress hormones. And they act like whiplashes on the heart muscle.

Heart disease from lovesickness

When a heart broken by severe grief makes you ill, doctors speak of broken heart syndrome. What are the complaints? They are similar to those of a heart attack: the heart spasms, the chest hurts and feels tight. The cause is not a blocked artery, but a stress-related narrowing of the coronary arteries. Blood pressure often drops and sweating, nausea, and vomiting occur.

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