Tomato Diet: Suitable As A Quick Weight Loss Method?

The tomato diet promises a weight loss of three kilos in just four days. What is this weight loss method all about?

Mono diets are all the rage. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a rice diet, a rusk diet, or an egg diet – people who want to lose weight are increasingly relying on a single food that serves as the basis for a diet lasting several weeks. So what the tomato diet consists of is not difficult to guess – in any case, it promises great success within a short time.

The benefits of tomatoes as a diet food

It is not surprising that tomatoes are extremely popular: They consist of 90 percent water and are extremely low in calories. 100 grams have only 18 calories. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. In addition, they are also really filling. This makes them the ideal diet food at first glance. Proponents of the method explain that food cravings shouldn’t be a problem with a tomato diet: after all, tomatoes don’t raise insulin levels. Tomatoes also contain valuable antioxidants such as lycopene. This not only ensures the red color but also protects the cells from pathogenic influences.

This is how the tomato diet works

The tomato diet is not a long-term diet, but a radical cure in the truest sense of the word. For three days, the crash diet consists exclusively of tomatoes – in the form of tomato soup or tomato juice. Other foods besides tomatoes? At least in the more radical form of the tomato diet, there is none. The scales thank those who persevere.

But there is also a much gentler form of the tomato diet. This stipulates that tomatoes should be present at least in every meal of the day. There are no limits to the culinary imagination, from omelets to pasta to salads. While this form of diet may be more varied, it can also be completely ineffective depending on the foods you choose. If used correctly, success is also promised with the milder variant of the diet: three kilos in six days.

The disadvantages of the tomato diet

With mono-diets, you always run the risk of suffering from a nutrient deficiency due to an unbalanced diet. Of course, a diet that focuses solely on tomatoes is too one-sided in the long run. Quite apart from that, a yo-yo effect is possible with crash diets like this: You may lose three kilos within a short time with the tomato diet – but with normal food intake, they will most likely come back just as quickly as they disappeared. Quite apart from that, radical, rapid weight loss is neither healthy nor particularly sustainable.

Is the tomato diet a suitable weight loss method?

Tomatoes are undoubtedly a very healthy food that can help you lose weight. The gentle form of the tomato diet, in which the vegetables are integrated into the menu, makes perfect sense. However, it is neither healthy nor sustainable to only eat tomatoes, as deficiency symptoms can occur and the yo-yo effect can then set in.

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