Valerian: Effect, Dosage And Use of The Medicinal Plant

Test anxiety, difficulty falling asleep, or stress can be alleviated naturally with valerian. The effect of the medicinal plant has been known and scientifically proven for thousands of years. Learn more about the sedative.

Calming effect: valerian

The effect of valerian root as a sleep aid was already known to Hippocrates. Exactly which ingredients are responsible for the calming effect of valerian on the psyche is still the subject of research. The fact is, however, that valerian can alleviate nervous restlessness. There are many ways to take the plant. It can be found on the ingredient list of tea recipes or you can take advantage of the effects of valerian in drops or tablets. Good to know: No matter in which form you consume the sedative, it is not addictive! In this regard, you can reach for the valerian products of your choice with complete peace of mind.

The onset of action and duration of action of valerian

Unlike a sleeping pill, valerian does not work immediately. It often takes two weeks for an effect to become drowsy. Due to its gentle effect, valerian also has few side effects: you are usually not constantly tired during the day, as can be the case with chemical agents. Occasionally indigestion, nausea, or headaches are observed, then you should reduce the dose or discontinue the drug. Otherwise, nothing speaks against using the effect of valerian to calm down. To help you fall asleep, it is best to take the natural medicine half an hour to an hour before going to bed in order to get the most out of valerian’s effectiveness. In case of nervous tension, you can also use the preparations up to three times a day, be sure to read the package leaflet. With valerian oil or drops, for example, you will find all the information on the effect on the enclosed leaflet. However, you should not take alcohol and other sleeping pills and tranquilizers together with valerian, but you can use other natural relaxation aids. One of the healthy properties of lamb’s lettuce is its calming effect. You can also add valerian tea as an ingredient to our juicer recipes.

Minimize side effects of valerian

As with all medicines, the dose makes the poison. The beneficial effect of valerian also depends on the amount and duration of use. If you don’t notice any effect even after weeks, you shouldn’t just take more valerian, it’s better to consult a doctor. Then there could be a more serious problem behind your sleep problems. As for long-term use, there is little data. The gentle action of valerian does not mean that months of use is completely harmless. Experts recommend that sedatives should generally only be used temporarily in order to avoid a habituation effect that can impair natural sleep patterns.

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