Vietnamese Stir-fry Pok Choi

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Total Time 30 mins
Course Dinner
Cuisine European
Servings 2 people


To garnish:

  • 3 medium sized Cloves of garlic, fresh
  • 15 g Diced ginger, fresh or frozen
  • 20 g Lemongrass slices, fresh or frozen
  • 2 Hot peppers, red, long, mild
  • 2 tbsp Fresh shallots
  • 2 small Chillies, green
  • 1 tbsp Oyster sauce, (Saus Tiram)
  • 3 tbsp Orange juice
  • 1 g Chicken broth, Kraft bouillon
  • 1 tsp Tapioca flour
  • 1 tbsp Rice Wine, (Arak Masak)
  • 2 medium sized Pok Choi
  • 2 medium sized Flowers and leaves


  • Cap the garlic cloves at both ends, peel them and cut or slice lengthways into approx. 1 mm thick slices. Cut the slices lengthways into approx. 1 mm thick strips and cut them crosswise into cubes.
  • Wash the fresh ginger, peel it and cut it crosswise into pieces approx. 4 cm long. Cut the pieces lengthways into thin slices and cut them into strips. Work the strips crosswise into small cubes. Freeze unused cubes. Weigh frozen goods and allow to thaw.
  • Wash the fresh lemongrass, remove the hard stalk at the bottom, remove the brown and withered leaves and only use the white or light green parts. Cut this into thin slices. Remove the outer, green leaves if necessary. Weigh and thaw frozen goods.
  • Wash the peppers, remove the stem, cut open lengthways, unfold, core, cut lengthways into thin threads and cut them crossways into small cubes.
  • Wash the shallots, remove the dead leaves and cut off 2 tbsp. Narrow rings.
  • Wash the small, green chillies and cut them crosswise into thin slices. Leave the grains and discard the stems.
  • Combine all ingredients from oyster sauce to arak masak and stir until the tapioca flour is dissolved.
  • Wash the pak choi and cut in half lengthways.
  • Heat a wok, add the peanut oil and let it get hot. Add the prepared ingredients and stir-fry for 1 - 2 minutes. Add the Pok Choi halves with the cut surface facing down and fry for 1 minute with the lid on at reduced heat.
  • Add the Pok Choi halves with the cut surface facing down and fry for 1 minute with the lid on at reduced heat. Drizzle the sauce over the Pok Choi leaves and steam with the lid on until the leaves collapse (approx. 2 minutes).
  • Place the pock choi halves with the cut side up on a serving plate, pour the sauce (see photo) over them, garnish and serve immediately.
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Written by Ashley Wright

I am a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian. Shortly after taking and passing the licensure examination for Nutritionist-Dietitians, I pursued a Diploma in Culinary Arts, so I am also a certified chef. I decided to supplement my license with a study in the culinary arts because I believe that it will help me harness the best of my knowledge with real-world applications that can help people. These two passions form part and parcel of my professional life, and I am excited to work with any project that involves food, nutrition, fitness, and health.

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