Wash Broccoli Properly: Here’s How

Wash broccoli thoroughly: That’s how it works

Before you wash your broccoli, cut it up first. In this way, you can easily remove the dirt from the hard-to-reach parts of the broccoli.

  • If the vegetable is broccoli from your own garden, a quick wash is usually sufficient. Place the broccoli florets in a large sieve and briefly wash the vegetables under running water.
  • If the vegetables are very dirty or if you are concerned about possible residues of pesticides on the broccoli, first place it briefly in a bowl of water.
  • Mix a little baking soda into the water. This will make it easier for the residue to separate from the broccoli. Alternatively, you can also add a dash of household vinegar to the water. After a maximum of ten minutes, take your broccoli out of the water again so that the vegetables don’t lose any of their flavors.
  • Finally, as already described, the broccoli is placed in a sieve and rinsed under running water.

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