Washing Tips: These Tricks Make Washing Laundry Fun Again


Washing clothes is certainly not one of your favorite pastimes and is more of a duty than an entertaining pastime. Our washing tips, some of which are unusual and playful, bring the fun back to you – and can even ensure even better washing results.

Clothes make you happy – with the right washing tips

Put laundry and detergent in the machine, then in the dryer or hang it up, done. And that again and again. This is the reality in all households and sometimes quite boring. If the washing result is also rather poor, the motivation drops precipitously.

But what to do? How about betting on a few varied lifehacks? This not only brings a playful component to everyday laundry, but can also mean that your favorite items become cleaner, smell better and you also protect the environment. Let’s start with the washing tips!

Washing clothes: tips & tricks in general

If you want to wash your laundry properly, you should follow a few basic rules so that your clothes are not damaged:

You should definitely separate your laundry when washing – otherwise there is a risk of discolouration or color loss. If necessary, use different baskets for different colors for sorting purposes.
Make sure that you use the right detergent for the right type of clothing, such as special detergents for light and dark textiles or sensitive fabrics.
Equally important: Adhere to the temperature specifications for your laundry, otherwise the fabric may be damaged or the laundry may shrink.
Wash your laundry more often with cold water, i.e. at 30 degrees – higher temperatures are not always necessary for light soiling and cold washing saves energy.
For small items of laundry, use the specially designed laundry bags or simple jute bags – the socks and underwear chaos in the machine will then come to an end.

Washing clothes with home remedies: life hacks with vinegar, chestnuts, ivy, and co.

It doesn’t always have to be detergent to get the laundry clean. There are a number of options when it comes to home remedies. Top optional washing tips:

Washing clothes with vinegar: For light to medium soiling, try vinegar as an alternative – it not only cleans but also preserves the colour. Vinegar can also be combined with baking soda for an even better effect on stains.
Do laundry with chestnuts because chestnuts have soapy properties. To do this, chop up around five to ten chestnuts, put the pieces in a glass of water and let it rest for up to eight hours before you use the liquid home remedy (without the chestnut pieces).
Use ivy as a detergent: Ivy also has soap-like properties! Shred about a dozen leaves, stuff the leftovers into a sealed laundry bag or knotted sock, and then just toss them in the drum.
For old and hardened towels you can use baking soda and again vinegar. Baking powder combined with a little salt is also a suitable home remedy for white laundry and removes a gray haze. And you can even remove limescale in the bathroom and kitchen with baking soda.
Washing laundry with dishwashing tabs – another laundry tip for removing a gray haze. And: They clean the washing machine of bacteria, fungi and deposited body fat.

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