Washing Wool – This Is The Best Way to Proceed

Wash wool – how to proceed

Don’t just throw real wool in the washing machine. Instead, a gentle hand wash ensures the best results:

  1. To do this, run lukewarm water into a sink and add a little detergent for wool.
  2. Then place the woolen garment in the water and gently move it around.
  3. Then rinse the wool with fresh water at the same temperature. This means that the laundry hardly gets matted.
  4. Some types of wool can be washed in the washing machine on the wool or hand wash cycle. You can find out whether this works without risk from the markings on your garment. In the third section of this article, we’ll take another look at a few different types of wool.
  5. In our price comparison, you will find many inexpensive washing machines with a special wool hand washing program.

Wool dry after the washing process – you should pay attention to this

  1. Never put wool in the dryer. You should also not hang up the wool pieces.
  2. Instead, gently squeeze the water out of the garment. Do this extremely gently.
  3. Then dry the garment lying flat. Be sure to wait until it’s really dry.

Different types of wool: machine wash or hand wash

Almost all types of wool are very sensitive. That’s why you should rarely wash wool. With some models you don’t have to be so careful:

  • New wool and merino wool are very hard-wearing compared to other types of wool. If the manufacturer recommends it, you can use washing machines in the wool program. In most cases, you can also use normal detergent.
  • On the other hand, you should not wash very delicate types of wool such as mohair, alpaca, silk, angora, cashmere, or merino in the washing machine. Better to play it safe here and clean the pieces by hand.
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