What are the common breakfast beverages in Myanmar?

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Introduction: Breakfast Culture in Myanmar

Myanmar is a country with a rich culinary culture, and breakfast is no exception. In Myanmar, breakfast is an important and often leisurely meal, with foods and beverages that are both delicious and filling. Myanmar’s breakfast cuisine is heavily influenced by its neighboring countries, such as Thailand, China, and India. But Myanmar also has its own unique breakfast dishes and beverages that are worth trying.

Popular Breakfast Beverages in Myanmar

As with any breakfast meal, beverages play an important role in Myanmar’s breakfast culture. The most popular breakfast drinks in Myanmar are tea, coffee, and coconut milk. But there are also other unique beverages that you can find in Myanmar’s breakfast scene.

Tea: The National Breakfast Drink of Myanmar

Tea is Myanmar’s national beverage and is an integral part of the country’s culture. It is often served with breakfast and other meals. Myanmar’s tea is unique in that it is made from a variety of local tea leaves, such as lahpet (fermented tea leaves), which gives it a distinct flavor. Tea is usually served with evaporated milk and sugar, but you can also have it black or with a dash of lime.

Coffee: The Growing Trend in Myanmar’s Breakfast Scene

Coffee is slowly gaining popularity in Myanmar’s breakfast scene. Coffee shops are popping up in the major cities, and more people are starting to enjoy a cup of coffee with their breakfast. Myanmar’s coffee is usually made with locally grown beans, which gives it a unique flavor. It is often served with milk and sugar and can be enjoyed hot or iced.

Coconut Milk: The Refreshing Breakfast Beverage

Coconut milk is a refreshing and healthy breakfast beverage in Myanmar. It is made from the flesh of mature coconuts and is often mixed with palm sugar or honey for added sweetness. Coconut milk is also used in many breakfast dishes, such as mohinga (a fish noodle soup) and nan gyi thoke (a coconut noodle salad).

Other Beverages to Try for Breakfast in Myanmar

Apart from tea, coffee, and coconut milk, there are other unique beverages to try for breakfast in Myanmar. One such beverage is shweji, a sweet and creamy drink made from glutinous rice, coconut milk, and sugar. Another popular drink is laphet yay (fermented tea leaves mixed with milk), which is often served with a side of fried beans or nuts.

In conclusion, Myanmar’s breakfast culture is a reflection of its diverse culinary heritage. The country’s breakfast beverages are not only delicious but also unique and worth trying. Whether you prefer tea, coffee, coconut milk, or other beverages, Myanmar has something to offer for every taste bud.

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