What Is Juice Fasting And How Does It Work?

Juice fasting is a somewhat milder form of therapeutic fasting and is suitable for both detoxification and weight loss. PraxisVITA explains how a cure with juice fasting works, which juices are suitable, and what else you should consider.

With therapeutic fasting, the desire for detoxification of the body and weight loss is usually in the foreground. The problem: Many people find it very difficult to avoid solid food and limit themselves to water and tea in the strictest form of therapeutic fasting, as the feeling of hunger can hardly be switched off. The so-called juice fasting could therefore be particularly suitable for newcomers: With this milder form of therapeutic fasting, five to seven glasses of fruit and vegetable juice can also be drunk daily. This not only curbs the feeling of hunger, but it also provides us with all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that we need.

Juice fasting: purification, detoxification, and weight loss

Freshly squeezed juices or organic products without added sugar are particularly suitable for this. The juice should be diluted with water and then drunk slowly and in small sips and rubbed in well – this facilitates digestion. It is also important to drink around three liters of mineral water or herbal tea when fasting with juice.

With juice fasting, we not only purify and detoxify our body but can also lose weight: in the first week, up to three kilograms of weight loss are possible, and after that, it is still up to two kilograms. Juice fasting can be carried out as part of a cure for up to about three weeks without any deficiency symptoms. However, you should have a doctor clarify in advance whether such a cure is harmless to your health. As with therapeutic fasting, circulatory problems, weakness and headaches can occur in the first three days.

Plant power for juice fasting

Vegetable and medicinal plant juices are also useful for juice fasting, as they can have many additional health benefits. We have put together some examples for you:

  • Nettle juice: Due to its high mineral content, it promotes blood purification and boosts detoxification
  • Cucumber juice: Packed with potassium, it supports the body’s fluid regulation
  • Artichoke juice: The bitter substances it contains stimulate digestion and also support the liver and bile in detoxifying
  • Potato Juice: Regulates digestion and prevents heartburn
  • Chamomile juice: Soothes the gastric mucosa in case of inflammation
  • Sauerkraut juice: Strengthens the immune system and the intestines and promotes digestion
  • Hawthorn juice: Strengthens the heart and circulation and regulates blood pressure

Juice combinations for the best effect

You can also get advice on sensible juice combinations in the health food store. For example, a popular combination for juice fasting is nettle for cleansing, potato for digestion, and artichoke for increased detoxification via the liver and gallbladder.

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