What Is Polpa? Things To Know About Tomato Polla

If you want to quickly prepare an aromatic tomato sauce, tomato polla is simply ideal. Even when fresh tomatoes are not in season, the product is often used in the kitchen. We explain what tomato polla actually is, what advantages it has, and give tips for a simple DIY version.

What is tomato polla?

The term “polpa” comes from Italian and means “meat” or “pulp” in the case of tomatoes. Commercially available tomato polla contains pieces and seeds, it is not finely strained. In Germany, tomato polla is also sold under the name “piece” or “chopped” tomatoes. Sometimes it is also referred to as “pizza tomatoes”. Tomato polla is available in both jars and tins, and less often in tetra packs. Some manufacturers offer tomato polla already refined with spices or herbs. These are ready-to-eat sauces that only need to be heated. In the Mediterranean, especially in Italian cuisine, the aromatic polpa is indispensable.

Benefits of tomato polla

Would you like to use chunky tomatoes when cooking? Great – there are several good reasons for this:

long shelf life: In contrast to fresh tomatoes, tomato polla has an extremely long shelf life because it has been canned and preserved. Not only is it great for reducing food waste, it also allows for well-organized storage.
great aroma: especially in winter, when fresh tomatoes are absolutely not in season, tomato polla is preferable to them. The polpa tastes noticeably more aromatic since optimally ripened fruits are used for the production.
Time saver: wash, blanch, skin, cut into pieces – if all this is too much work for you, you should fall back on ready-made tomato polla. Just open the can or jar and a flavorful sauce or base for a dish is almost ready.

Tomato passata instead of polpa?

Tomato passata is passed tomatoes that contain neither pieces nor seeds. You can of course also conjure up a delicious pasta sauce from it, but the consistency is different.

Make tomato poppa yourself

If you want to make tomato polla yourself, it’s very easy with our instructions. You can either process them directly or preserve them. In addition to tomatoes, you will need mason jars and herbs and spices if you want to refine the polpa. For more detailed instructions, you can check out our recipe for making your own pizza tomatoes.

  • wash fresh tomatoes
  • Remove the green and cut out the stem with a sharp knife
  • Blanch the tomatoes in boiling water for 3-4 minutes, then place briefly in ice water
  • peel the skin off the tomatoes
  • Cut or chop the tomatoes into small pieces

If you want to cook directly with the tomato polla, you’re done prepping. Do you want to can the tomatoes? Then follow our further instructions:

  • Clean the preserving jars well and sterilize them in the oven or in boiling water
  • bring the ingredients to a boil and let them cook for a few minutes
  • Pour the tomato polla hot into the sterilized jars
  • Place glasses in an ovenproof dish and cook in the oven for 1.5 hours at 150°C
  • then turn upside down to cool

Tip: We recommend that you only make tomato polla yourself if you have really highly aromatic tomatoes available, otherwise the taste will not be intensive “tomatoes” enough and the color will also leave something to be desired. When in doubt, it is better to use a high-quality finished product.

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