What Is White Chocolate Made Of? Easily Explained

White chocolate – that’s in it

At the beginning of every chocolate is the cocoa bean.

  • When the cocoa mass is pressed, cocoa butter and cocoa powder are produced.
  • These two components become chocolate when you add milk, sugar, and cream. The ratio between cocoa butter and cocoa powder determines whether it will be a light or dark candy.
  • In the case of white chocolate, no cocoa powder is used at all. So it consists of cocoa butter, milk, cream, and sugar. According to the regulation, white chocolate must contain at least 20 percent cocoa butter.


Is white chocolate even chocolate?

In Germany, there is a regulation for everything – including when a piece of chocolate can be called chocolate.

  • Anything that wants to be called chocolate must consist of at least 35 percent cocoa mass. This is regulated in the Cocoa Ordinance.
  • The amount of cocoa mass alone is not enough. The relationship is also predetermined. It must contain at least 14 percent cocoa powder and at least 18 percent cocoa butter.
  • Since white chocolate contains no cocoa powder at all, it is not chocolate at all by German standards.

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